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Some people ask the question, “if it’s not monogrammed are you even sure that it is yours?” At the Preppy Pineapple, we tend to agree with them because a monogram is one’s unique expression of ownership. Whether it is a first or last name, single initial, or a 3-letter monogram, this type of personalization allows you to turn an ordinary object into a spectacular something that belongs to only you!

Monograms have been around for centuries, some dating to before Christ. Today corporations, universities, monarchs, and individuals all utilize monograms in some way. Individual monograms are the most popular item at the Preppy Pineapple. Most of our customers purchase our products as gifts for baby or wedding showers, birthdays, or just because gifts. Some even actually treat themselves to something monogrammed. Either way, everybody loves to have an item that has been personalized just for them and we LOVE to be a part of that!

One of the most popular questions at the Preppy Pineapple is about what type of monogram style should you use. This may seem like a simple question to the seasoned monogrammer but if you have never monogrammed something then this might seem like a daunting task. We are here to help you! We like to tell our customers that a monogram is a personal reflection of style and that there is no right or wrong way to monogram an item. However, most do follow the traditional 3-letter monogram format, which has the individual’s last name (surname) placed larger in the center with the first name initial to the left of it and the middle name initial to the right of it. For example, if the individual’s name is Lilly Caroline Horton, then her traditional monogram would be LHC, with her last name initial in the center. Below are a few examples of monogram etiquette that are popular at the Preppy Pineapple.

So, how do you order at the Preppy Pineapple? On most items we give you the choice of monogramming your item with either a single initial with circle border, name, or 3-letter monogram. You simply choose which you prefer then you choose which type of font you want the monogram to be. Below are the suggested steps for ordering:

  1. Decide whether your want a single initial, name, or 3-letter monogram on your item.
  2. Depending on which of the above you choose, simply enter it in the designated text box.
  3. If you chose a name or 3-letter monogram, you will need to select the font you want. Under name or 3-letter monogram, select the desired font from the drop down box. You may view our different fonts under Helpful Links at the bottom of our page.
  4. Next choose the color you would like for your monogram to be. Again, you may view your color choices under Helpful Links at the bottom of our page.
  5. Finally, if you have any special requests please enter those in the ANY SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS field.

Clear as mud? Don't worry, if you have any questions about any of the above, we can be easily reached via email at customerservice@preppypineapple.com or by phone 803.286.4842.